Texas Land Professionals is a full-service right of way consulting firm providing a range of professional land acquisition and support services throughout the State of Texas. Our clients include state, federal, and local public agencies in the transportation and utility sectors.  

The acquisition personnel at Texas Land Professionals are licensed real estate brokers, each providing a unique combination of experience and capabilities in all things right of way. We are accomplished negotiators with a thorough understanding of real estate practices across a number of disciplines, including acquisition, damage mitigation, title examination, land surveying and appraisal.  

We are dedicated to a timely, efficient, and successful completion of any right of way project with a proven track record doing exactly that. Our expertise lies within developing procedures that allow us to responsively adapt to the specific needs of our clients. We are not a large engineering firm with a right of way component; we are a stand-alone right of way acquisition firm affiliated with a host of title examiners, land surveyors, appraisers, and environmental specialists strategically located through the state. This allows us to offer turn-key right of way solutions at extremely competitive per-parcel rates, without all the cost multipliers that characteristically drive projects over-budget. 

Texas Land Professionals is your professional, cost effective and accomplished right of way provider.

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