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Transportation / Infrastructure

Texas Land Professionals has provided turn-key right of way, relocation, and condemnation support services for the Texas Department of Transportation in connection with road-widening projects throughout the State of Texas. Our trained staff has provided our quality services in each of the TxDot District offices listed below:

  • Bryan
  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Laredo
  • Lufkin
  • Paris
  • Pharr
  • Waco

Our team of native Texas real estate brokers have secured land rights in your county or a neighboring county.  


Our company has consulted for some of the largest telecommunications providers in the country as a primary right of way provider, and has the industry knowledge necessary to effectively communicate the needs of the provider to individual property owners, corporations, other utilities, and local public agencies.  We are experts in providing support for:

  • Locating suitable sites for small interfaces, remote terminal cabinets and buildings, cell towers, etc.
  • Title abstract and research to identify ownership and existing encumbrances.
  • Land surveying
  • Right of Way identification and staking
  • Easement acquisition and negotiation of land rights
  • Underground and aerial cable routes
  • Joint trench coordination with local utilities
  • Pole use agreements
  • Post construction and damage mitigation with land owners.

Texas Rural Water

Water line easement acquisition is a core area of practice for Texas Land Professionals.  We work with water districts and water supply corporations large and small managing the acquisition of land rights for water line projects.  We help in determining the most efficient route, title and ownership research, public relations, and easement document preparation.  Our staff of real estate brokers will personally meet will all property owners on the line to discuss the easement, field questions, and coordinate the execution, delivery, and recording of the easement documents.  

Our acquisition specialists are comfortable interacting with property owners, and pride themselves on maintaining excellent relations between the water providers and their customers during negotiations.  We eliminate trial and error situations by consistently combining innovative techniques with practical experience. The success Texas Land Professionals has had in completing water line easement acquisition projects of varying size and complexity on time and under budget has set us apart in the industry.  

Local Public Agencies

Texas Land Professionals provides acquisition, relocation, and condemnation support to local and state municipalities.  All services are performed in accordance with the regulations and standards of the acquiring agency and the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act for federally funded projects.  In addition, we are currently advising our municipal clients to the reforms established in the recently adopted Senate Bill 18, which makes several key revisions to the current law, including notice and disclosure requirements by condemning authorities.

We have worked with local and state public agencies in the acquisition of right of way and relocation for road widening’s, water and waste water maintenance and expansion, detention and retention sites, corner clips, hike and bike trails, and other projects that require land rights and land use.

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